2? In Crafts?


What does that even MEAN?
Imagine: It’s 8:45pm on a Saturday night. You have been working hard on what is sure to be an amazing DIY. And you realize you are missing a crucial piece to it’s success. You know you live 5 minutes from Hobby Lobby. You hop in the car, drive over, and head straight for the craft aisle. You hear it: “Attention Hobby Lobby shoppers, the time is now 8:50pm, the store will be closing in 10 minutes.”

Eek. Must.find.perfect.embellishment. Don’t make a bad choice in a rush.


“Attention Hobby Lobby shoppers, the time is now 9pm, the store is closed.”

Now, many of you may have been able to make it out before hearing this announcement. And I’m guessing a real select few have heard what’s next, “Fabric, clear”, “Seasonal, clear”, “2 in Crafts”…. !! We glance at each other, wide eyed, “That’s us! We are 2 in crafts!”

There you have it. We are the 2 rushing to Hobby Lobby last minute, insisting on that detail that sets a project apart from others, losing sleep over the anticipation of an event the next day. We are so excited to share of this with YOU!

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