Do these look the same to you?- Loom Wreath

OK, me neither! I’m not sure why but every time I set out to do a project it evolves before my eyes in the craft store. I have my picture of what I’m going for and a list of what I think I need. As I’m looking around I always see something (bright orange flowers) that don’t really fit with the vibe of my project but I really NEED to fit them in. After all, they are sooo bright and cheerful! Well bright flowers definitely call for brighter leaves right? Wait a second. I can’t possibly wrap this wooden embroidery hoop with yarn. This might go on my front door. I just get visions of crumpled dry leaves mangled in fuzzed out wet yarn. YUCK! Besides, why in the world would you cover that wood when you can stain it? Makes sense to me. There you have it, COMPLETELY different result. I guess in my head, my house looks more like the original “idea” wreath. However, I am rarely able to stick to plan and just make what’s in the picture so the “end product” wreath is MUCH closer to what my house actually looks like- More color than I had originally planned and a little simpler. I LOVE IT!!!


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