DIY marbled cake with EDIBLE FLOWERS!

So, we found a cake we LOVED! And it actually looked doable – we have made several cakes in the past – increasing in difficulty as we go along. We knew it would taste great – cream cheese frosting, anyone?! But we needed it to LOOK just as fantastic. Here is our inspiration:

The idea is just colored white chocolate, spread into a sheet and applied to the frosted cake. We followed the tutorial with great success! The cake wrap worked just like they said it would!

Now the flowers – that was a different story. That takes a little more skill. Just trial and error, and make extra petals because I had several break. I used their knife method and created the “spiky” flower, then went rogue and used a spoon to create the round petals. We loved both and the contrast worked great. We added the candy pearls for extra color. 
The cake was a hit! We were worried how the chocolate layer would cut being so firm, but it cut pretty easily.  The cake really tasted great and went so quickly, we forgot to grab a photo of the cake itself. This is definitely a Pinterest win!

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