Free Classes?!?!

So I’m at Michael’s waiting in line behind the woman that must be decorating for a wedding with the amount of stuff that’s in her cart. Her checkout is taking a minute so I start looking around at what else I might like to get without actually leaving my place in line. There are overpriced magazines, fidget spinners, candy  and a couple other randoms that I clearly don’t need. Then I see it- a flyer advertising FREE classes! I love free classes! I grab one, ok ,maybe two( Holly needs one also).

After I get checked out and back to the car, I start googling. OMG! They have free classes up to 3 times a week. I immediately start putting the ones of interest on my calendar. Then I see a small disclaimer: Supplies may cost up to $31. Wait, wait, wait. $31? Do they realize that this class is just using a marbling technique to paint a small(probably non-useful) item? That’s ok, I’m a great shopper. There’s NO WAY that I will spend that much.

Fast forward to class day. I decide to take my 9 year old son,Jackson(even though the class is suggested for adults). He is a great little artist and excited to try something new. We get there and the instructor tells us that we need to purchase Martha Stewart marbling medium for the class. It’s $12.99 but that’s ok. I have a 40% off coupon and Jackson and I can share a bottle. We then venture into the store to select out other supplies. Craft paint(any brand, any color) and an item to paint. I choose a $1 picture frame. Jackson has no regard for price or supply parameters so he is looking at large birdhouses, treasure boxes and such. I get him reigned in to a small wall plaque. It will look so cute marble painted with a big J attached!

The instructor was super nice (and patient). She helped us mix our paints with the marbling medium. Then drizzle each color separately over our item. After that, you just tilt and let the paint run creating a pretty cool marbling effect.

Jackson’s turned out way better than mine! Hey, wait a minute. This was supposed to be a class for adults,right? Turns out I was totally overthinking it and trying to make patterns then tried to fix it by adding white to lighten it up. Did not work in my opinion. The outcome of my project was completely operator error. Jackson was not afraid to use lots of crazy colors and get messy. It worked out!

In the end, we spent $18 total for both projects and had supplies left over to try again at home. We both had a great time and are really looking forward to the next class! We will definitely go again and let you know how it goes. The art part was so fun but I think the one on one time being creative with your kiddo is the real win here;)